Welcome to OHOI
"Oslo House Of Innovation" 

Where Startup-Investors work together
OHOI’s goal is to become the preferred co-working space for investors to work and invest together, for startups to accelerate in conjunction with their investors and for other partners to thrive in that ecosystem

OHOI - Oslo House of Innovation is a 4000sqm building dedicated to innovation, located in Oslo, Skippergata 22. This is an environment where investors can come with their portfolio of startups to shape an area where they can work closely with the people they believe in. It is an environment with a mix of innovation, competence and capital that will accelerate their shared value creation. The building will strive to be a positive contribution to the Norwegian ecosystem of co-working spaces with its bridge between entrepreneurs and investors.




Our lounge membership is designed for companies and individuals primarily seeking to utilise OHOI for meetings, networking and attending events. You will also have access to a flexible shared work space.                           

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The desk membership is for members that use OHOI as office space, occasionally or frequently, and the membership offers a variety of different office solutions from co-working desks to studios.                      

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The office membership is designed for members that use OHOI as their primary office location and have private offices at OHOI. A partner could be either a corporate service provider or a corporate innovation project.

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Rent the unique rustic loft for your next innovation happening! The layers of wood bring a unique mood and scent to the room, with some planks dating back to 1888. It has now been rejuvenated into a fully operational event space well suited for workshops, presentations and parties.

120 people

Projector, light- and sound equipment, microphones, monitors
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Width: 6 meters
Depth: 4m stage right, 1m stage left, 1 meter extension towards the audience downstage center
Height: 10cm